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In Loving Memory of
Else Ruth Schumacher Cruz

She was dearly loved by her husband, children and her poodle, Baby.

In memory of Else, we are naming the new litter of rescue cockers in her name, Cruz.  She was an avid animal lover, a devoted mother, wife and artist. 

Rest in Peace Else
(Else was our friend Polly's Mom.  Polly is one of our Cockers in Need Foster Homes)
The puppies are here 8/7/04

This is a horrible case of neglect.  The pups are 2 months old, petrified of people & they scream bloody murder because they were never socialized.  They have about 200 fleas EACH, and are anemic.  When we gave them a bath, the water was blood red.  There were still hundreds of fleas on their bellys. 

They have tails, as they were never taken to the vet to have them docked, or their dew claws removed.  Actually, we like the tails, they look really pretty with feathering on them when full grown. They also have not had their shots or worming.  That will be handled as soon as they are strong enough for that.  See, the hundreds of fleas were sucking them dry, and they appear a bit anemic.  Their gums are not pink the way they should be.  Right now, we are just trying to get them used to us, eating good healthy foods and staying clean.

Later, we'll show each one with their new names.
Special thanks for help today from Melinda, Mare and Laura.

The names are:

Fantasy Cruz ~ Fanny
Carnival Cruz ~ Carney
Holland Cruz ~ Holly
Crystal Cruz ~ Crissy
Disney Cruz ~ Dizzy
Windstar Cruz ~ Windy
Baby Cruz ~ Cruzer
Five little girls and two little boys.  Most are buff & white parti's, and have freckles and cute little faces.
The two boys, coming out of their travel crates.  They were soooo afraid
Four are out now, and getting a spritz with some Neem spray.  A natural way to kill parasites
All 7 are now out of their travel crates.  By the way, those are being thrown out.  There was so much flea dirt, poop, pee and throw up it wasn't worth it to TRY to clean them. 
The pups are afraid of the grass, but thankful to be back together again.  They were kissing each other on the puppy lips.

Here's a hint:  Don't feed 2 month old pups left over pizza the night before you turn them over to rescue.  We won't appreciate it.
Here they are after eating a big meal. 

After this, they all got baths.  I thought about showing you the water, but decided against it.  Some might have gotten sick to their stomachs seeing it.  We are loading them up on vitamins right now, and need more Nutri Cal.  We went thru a whole tube today.
Pups just had a big dinner.  We're seeing them calm down and one even kissed me on the lips.

If you put your hands in the pen, they come over and rub and lick.  There are hundreds of dead fleas on the blankies, and we've changed them several times now.

It just makes me sick to see pups like this.
Some of these almost have an english cocker look about them.  The little girl with the underbite looks like a cavalier.  That's the one we've named Dizzy.  We'll have a better picture of each one later.
We put a few toys in their pen and the favorite so far is the ball.  Aunt Polly (Else's daughter) had sent us a box of toys for the fosters.  These guys love em.  It's a silly looking tennis ball with a funny face cover on it.
Baby Cruz
Female, buff & white parti.   She  WAS the screamer, but is now coming out of her shell and smiles at us.  She willingly asks for hugs and kisses.
Disney Cruz
Female, red & white parti.  Has an underbite, is sweet and happy, very cuddly and playful.
Windstar Cruz
Male, light buff, with white tips.  Friendly, easy going, happy boy.
Carnival Cruz
Fantasy Cruz
Female, dark buff with white on nose.  Great cuddler.  Likes toys and is curious about her surroundings.  Good girl.
Crystal Cruz
Holland Cruz
PUPDATE 8/9/04
We've been busy.  The pups are much better and doing well.   They've been wormed, had their first set of puppy shots, and playing with toys and each other.

If you could see them eat, you'd be amazed at how fast 7 pups can inhale 4 cups of Nutro Natural, mixed with a can of Grammy's Pot Pie, some water and some supplements.  It resembles a shark feeding frenzy.  One of the pups like to sleep curled up in the food bowl. 

NO PUP is ready to leave here by any means.   They will need to be in foster care for a few more weeks before we determine the best home for each and vet clears them "good to go".

Thanks to all who are sending toys, donations, food, puppy pads, supplements, etc.
We really appreciate it.
Notice the tail wagging action.  Something as simple as a hand towel made them happy.  Now notice the puppy in the food dish.  We're still trying to figure out which one that is.  You can also see the coloring and freckles better in these shots.

Who is that in the bowl?  We think it's one of the girls.

**We think it's Crissy in the bowl!
   Heartfelt thanks to Mare, Melinda, Steph, Polly, Chris & John, Bev & kids, Mary H., Jeri, Irene, Lynn, Dee, DJ & Sandy for sending us donations or items for the Cruz Pups. Thanks to Barb for making decals to help the pups.  All donations in loving memory of Else are being used for the pups too.  Anita, Judy, Dee and Beth have sent memory donations in Else's name. 
PUPDATE:  8/10/04
Tonight, we clipped 126 puppy nails.  Surprisingly, it went rather smooth.  Dizzy was the first, and as always, wanted to kiss the whole time.  One of the best behaved and calmest was Windy.  Loved being held.  Just stayed there in Garry's lap.  Pups are really getting frisky now, and spring all over the place.  Another calm one was Fanny.  Good little girl.  Afterwards, they got to run and play in their room for a bit.  All can hop up onto the loveseat now.  Dizzy is super great at this and FLYS off to go get a toy.  They are all now willing to give kisses.
Dizzy, Fanny & Crissy
Yum Yum time
Getting some NutriCal
UPDATE 8/13/04
All are doing great.  Some have learned how to jump out of the xpen.  Carney did that tonight and popped a cherry eye.  It's ok, we managed to massage it back in.  He was a good boy about it too.  He even let me give him a little trim here and there.  The pups are at the age where their faces change from teething and ruff housing, and cherry eyes can happen now.  If we catch them early enough, they can be put right back in their spot. 
Sunday 8/15/04
It was a nice evening, so we brought the pups into the screened in porch.  Wow, did they have fun.  All sorts of hidey holes for them to explore.  It was a regular riot, as they learned the doggy door in just a few minutes.  Smart little pups.  Here's a few funny shots of them from tonight.
Can you tell who's who now? 
Aw, crap.  Windy popped a cherry eye yesterday and we got it massaged back down, but after tonights play session, it's back out.  So far, it's been the two boys.  Geez, I hope they all don't go doing that.  Just as a reference, it's a gland that protrudes.  It doesn't hurt or mean they have eye problems.  CHERRY EYE
Pups continue to thrive, and are getting fat.  All enjoy their cuddle time before they go to sleep.  The two boys are darling, and willingly go belly up for tummy rubs.  Baby Cruz, the one that was hiding, is doing wonderful and likes the attention, but needs more positive re-inforcement. 
Anyone interested in adopting the pups should know that this is not a well bred litter.  In rescue we don't always know the pedigree, but looking at them, you can tell they aren't up to breed standards.
All that's really important is temperment. 
All pups need a fenced in yard, parent home most of the time, and we would prefer another well adjusted dog in the family, but it depends on the situation and each pups.
Female ~
Updated 8/20
2 weeks after rescue
.  Doing great, here she is after her little grooming session.  Fun girl and playful.  Pretty markings
Fantasy Cruz
Female, dark buff with white on nose. 
Update - 2 weeks after rescue, getting a trim.  Doing wonderful.  Friendly, playful and cuddly too.
She is going to be fluffy.
Pups will be 3 months old on August 24th.  They have needle teeth and some are even getting a few adult top teeth.  These two girls are going to a foster home.  It's time to start separating the pups, for their next adventure.  A NEW forever home.

They are fine with cats and want to play with them at this point.
Fanny & Crissy meet their new foster parents Beth & Dave.
The two girls went belly up and enjoyed the special attention.  They are fostering in the suburbs of Philadelphia, about 20 minutes from us. 
Pictures of the pups getting to run in the yard with the other dogs.  It's been 17 days since they came here, and they are 200% better now.  Pups even learned how to go up steps today too.  Ya think they had fun in the sun?
That's Baby Cruz on the right.  See her smile?  She's doing very well now.  Dizzy is above, and Windy is standing up, giving me a kiss.  They loved playing in and out with the doggy door.  Carney was the first to figure that out today, and Windy was the first to come DOWN the steps today.  Pups are learning fast.
Hopefully, our vet will give these kids the AOK G2G on September 7th.  That's when we will start the interviews with the pups. 

Today, Dizzy somehow managed to escape from her pen.  She's a little hoodini.  She wanted to be with me, and found me.  It was kind of cute, but dang that little one is going to need to be watched like a hawk.  Her new nick name is Busy Dizzy.
Since the pups are too young to spay or neuter at this age, we will require a deposit that will be returned when proof of neuter has been sent to us. 
Pile of pups napping after a good run in the yard.  Ahhh, tired pups are GOOD pups
Baby Cruz waiting for a snack
Carney all snuggly in a dog bed with his favorite ducky toy
Update:  8/31/04
Crissy & Fanny had a visit with our vet Doc Rossi today.  
Crissy got her last puppy shot.  She's about 11 pounds now, and vet feels they are 16 weeks old. We're staring her on heartworm prevention too.  In 2 weeks she can receive her rabies shot. 

Fanny also got her shot, she's about 12 pounds.  Same deal as Crissy :-D  We are worming them one more time in case all the fleas gave them tapeworms.  They are good to go in about a week.  Vet felt they are healthy and saw no problems.

The other 5 pups will get their last puppy shot today too. 
Company came to visit the pups and after the initial shock and screaming at new faces, they calmed down a bit and started to make new friends.
They are doing pretty good with potty training right now.  Few accidents (expected) but they respond to potty potty's outside.
Windy nappin -- he does have a cherry eye
Baby Cruz lounging around
Carney & Windy checking out one of the doggy beds
Dizzy doing some relaxin'
Pups all got groomed and a bath.  Wore them right out.  Baby cruz is the pup in the picture on the left, sticking her tongue out at me. 
Dizzy, Carney, Windy, Baby & Holly had their vet visit today.  ALL good weights and temps and lungs/heart.  Da-babies are good to go.  They even got their rabies shot. 
Dizzy is the smallest at 10.something pounds, with Windy the largest at 14 pounds.  Baby came in second smallest at 11 pounds.

Only a few screamed bloody murder during their exam, and one did a pee from being scared.  All in all they were very good and got a treat afterwards.  You should have seen us carrying 5 pups in one large crate.  I have to put that thing on wheels for the next time.  So, next we'll be scheduling interviews.
Fenced yard a must
No children under 10
No apartments due to barking
Someone home most of the day to continue with housetraining
Another dog in home would be nice
Baby on the bottom, with Carney resting on her.  Soo cute
Carney Yawning
Almost 3 months later, the last of the Cruz Pups was adopted.

Thank you to everyone for your help and support, and CONGRATS to all the new mom's & dads's.

Linda & Garry